If you’re Hitting the Road, we can Lessen the Blow

When deciding to relocate to somewhere new, there are a lot of factors one needs to consider.  How do you know it’s time to move? Is there a place you’ve always dreamt of living in? Are you thinking of raising a family soon?

If you’re constantly complaining about the town you’re living in, maybe it’s time for a fresh new start ... but where to? CENTURY 21 is here to help you make this tough decision.
What can you Afford?
Everyone wants to own a villa in the countryside but how many people can actually afford it? Make sure that wherever you move to, you’re living comfortably and within your own means. CENTURY 21 can recommend the ideal location to relocate to within your budget.
Warm in my hands Photo by @olga_albers #door_embassy #door #birkirkara #malta
Warm in my hands Photo by @olga_albers #door_embassy #door #birkirkara #malta
Apartment in Ibragg
Properties like this in Ibragg
Is it close to work?
When sending your child to school, which school they will attend will be decided based on location; something you might want to think about if you’re thinking of starting a family. Traffic can also get crazy, so even though in Malta nowhere is really far, you might want to consider work proximity.
Warm in my hands Photo by @olga_albers #door_embassy #door #birkirkara #malta  

Warm in my hands Photo by @olga_albers #door_embassy #door #birkirkara #malta  
Apartment in Xemxija
Properties like this in Xemxija
Urban or Rural?
No matter where you go in this country, the likelihood of you living in a tight-knit community is pretty high, so the choice really lies here. Would you rather live in a busy area where everything is conveniently nearby, or in the middle of the quiet countryside, isolated from the hustle and bustle of busy town life?
Warm in my hands Photo by @olga_albers #door_embassy #door #birkirkara #malta  

Warm in my hands Photo by @olga_albers #door_embassy #door #birkirkara #malta  
Maisonette in Sliema
Properties like this in Sliema
Want to Move Somewhere Warmer?
If you hate living in a country where the majority of your days are cold, you might want to consider relocating to Malta. Here, it’s basically warm all year round and sea is accessible from more or less anywhere. CENTURY  21 will make you feel right at home by giving you all the help that you may need in relocating to this sunny island. Just drop us a line.
Warm in my hands Photo by @olga_albers #door_embassy #door #birkirkara #malta  

Warm in my hands Photo by @olga_albers #door_embassy #door #birkirkara #malta  
Finished Apartment in Mosta
Properties like this in Mosta
Make the best decision for you and your property today.
Contact us at CENTURY 21 to find out what we can do for you.
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