Rose-Gold Wonders

Theres a new trend in town and its taking the decorating world by storm rose-gold! Be it accessories, textiles, or home dcor; this soft metallic shade is everywhere to be seen. Nonetheless, it can be a bit intimidating to start adding it to your surroundings if you dont know how you can do so successfully. Never fear; here are some ideas of ways you can inject some rose-gold into your life.

Find your Inspiration in Pictures

Start by looking up pictures of the ways that other people have chosen to decorate their homes with rose-gold. Looking at images of well decorated rooms is always an inspiration even to those amongst us least inclined towards interior design. Theres something about seeing pretty rooms which makes you itch towards beautifying your environment.

Start with your Bedroom

For most of us, the bedroom is a haven where we most choose to express ourselves. Think back to your teenage years of posters on the walls and polaroids of your friends taped to your dressing tables mirror. Now that rose-gold is on the scene, you can opt to add accents of the colour around the room. You could add a rose-gold mirror to a neutral wall, or throw a rose-gold rug into the centre of the room. The possibilities are endless as long as you stick to subtle accents which are not overwhelming.

Match it with Another Hue

As everyone knows, the way to make an impression is by standing out. In this case, make rose-gold eye catching by pairing it with another hue which will complement the metallic essence in the colour without making it seem garish and harsh.

You cant go wrong with pale pink, a shade which is practically already imbibed within the rose-gold. The rose element in the metal is echoed in the pink textures you place around the room; be it a bed cover, throw pillows, or an armchair.

Perhaps surprisingly, another shade which goes very well with rose-gold is a soft aqua or seafoam colour.It brings out the metallic tinge p well as the greentones in the shade highlight the gold elements within it.

If youre not a fan of mixing different colours you can opt for the choice of sticking to neutral shades such as white, grey, and warm wood. The light-toned quality of the colours will allow for the rose-gold dcor to be the centre of attention in any room.


Experiment with Different Textures

Just because rose-gold is most associated with hard accessories, this does not mean that other textures cannot come into play. Nowadays, it is easy to find fabrics in the colour, and you can even choose different forms of textiles to express yourself.